Berlin Events: Product Hunt Berlin Meetup coming up in March

Thanks to an invite on Facebook by David Nagy, I got to know of the next Product Hunt meetup at Aperto “in time”. March 11th might seem like a long time away for a meetup, but in case you want to go, you probably should get your ticket on Eventbrite soon. I got no info whether Andreas Klinger* (their CTO), or even “Ryan himself“, will be coming, but given that the first Product Hunt meetup in Berlin (at The Factory) was already very crowded from everything I heard – I missed it due to being in Vienna around Pioneers for some longer time – and the second one probably was as well, based on what I see on Facebook (did not hear about that one at the time), you might need to decide soon. I would not expect anything close to what happened in San Francisco in any case, but I suspect they might have started using tickets for a reason… So, whether you want to get on the PH hype bandwaggon, or rather want to critically evaluate the hype, you probably should make up your mind soon!

* Side note: Besides his personal website and blog, Andreas also has a cool site with some curated videos about customer development.