Berlin Startups: Shyftplan – a Blog Post from Bizarro World

Yesterday I worked on a shift planning model, using linear programming with the solver in LibreOffice, for a project. Nothing too complicated, about finding the optimal number of part-time and full-time workers, for a Kindergarden, over one working day, with a fluctuating number of children that need to be supervised. (More explanation of that might follow soon, in some upcoming posts.)

In any case, after I was done, I recalled that there’s at least one startup in Berlin doing something in this area. I googled something like “shift planning startup Berlin” and, sure enough, I found Shyftplan. The site looks fine, they also seem to be doing all kinds of useful things related to planning shifts, like helping you with payroll accounting etc.. Probably a bit overengineered for the project I was working on and apparently specific to the German market, so not applicable to the project in any case. What I found really interesting though, is a post on their blog …

Someone having too much fun at work?

… about the use case for their product, in a fitness studio. The blog post tells us about how a fitness studio manager called Christine enjoys the benefits of using Shyftplan. I do not feel like translating all of it (also for copyright reasons), but here are two of the best parts:

Actually, I assumed that she would miss the 1 to 2 hours of calls with trainers that she had to do for the course planing, but she invested the additional leisure time into her new hobby right away: Iron Man training.


Since there were no other open questions, Christine switched back to her favorite topic “reducing the body fat percentage through intensive cardio training and a strict diet” and I thought about how I could deinstall my phone number from her smartphone.

I’m not sure if this works well for SEO etc., however it is about as entertaining as it can get, given the topic, and it looks like “Ralf” is enjoying his “creative writing” work! 😉

In case you are wondering now: Shyftplan is a pretty serious and (apparently) succesful business, given their financing round of 1,45 Mio by KIZOO Technology Capital and IBB ProFIT announced last November. (Side note: I quite like the portfolio KIZOO put together.)