The First Month of the “Re-Launch”

The month is nearing it’s end, which means I have been “active” on here for just above a month. Active means 11 articles, before this one, so around one every three days. The results are okay – not impressive, but also not terribly discouraging, considering the lack of “marketing” I did for the blog. There’s obviously more to a blog now then just writing about topics that (could) interest people. However, if I am honest, I did expect a bit more random traffic through organic search, for example, as I had a fair share of that when blogging in the past. The most important part is, in any case, that I did not stop enjoying to write yet. There’s been a few reactions on Twitter, naturally mostly from people or companies I wrote about,  and that’s also somewhat encouraging.

Here are the “records” (highest values for a day), according to Piwik, in numbers, so far, hoping that they will get shattered soon:

  • Visits: 25
  • Uniques: 24
  • Page Views: 63

All rather modest, to say the least. Let’s see if I can improve upon that!