freeCodeCamp – Part 2: Short Update / Try Code School & Pluralsight for free

My progress on freeCodeCamp has been “so-so” lately. I been busy with a linear programming project, basketball, and the usual random distractions. That’s also why I originally did not plan to write an update just yet, but rather in a week or so, hoping that I would have more to tell by then. Since there’s other news now, I will give a short update now already anyways.

I’m currently on challenge 14, learning more about Chrome Developer Tools. While this is not the first time I heard about or used Developer Tools, it’s definitely helpful to get a deeper into the topic, beyond trying to figure out what is broken on a page etc.. Compared to the lessons on jQuery, I find it a lot more interesting. Now I just need to find the time to make real progress on this. This challenge is originally a stand-alone course on Code School and therefore can also be done “independently”.

Talking about Code School, this brings me to the main reason for writing this post: A decent share of the challenges on freeCodeCamp are from Code School and thusfar, I am quite satisfied with them. Earlier today, Jonas has told me about the paid content on Code School being free until Friday (due to an acquisition by Pluralsight). Since this offer ends in about… 76 hours, at the time of writing this, I had to write about it now, to let you know in time! 😉

Pluralsight, who I had not heard of before, also offers free access until Friday. I do not know the paid content on Code School (yet) and whether it is really “worth it”, but this seems like the best opportunity to find out.