The Best and Worst of TechCrunch – Just a Day apart

Last weekend, I came across these two articles on TechCrunch:

  1. East of Palo Alto’s Eden: Race and The Formation of Silicon Valley by Kim-Mai Cutler
  2. Leaked Palantir Doc Reveals Uses, Specific Functions And Key Clients by Matt Burns

Hard to believe that both appeared in the same publication, if you didn’t already know, I think.

The former is an unusually long piece, with quite a bit of research and covering a lesser-known aspect of the “real world” in Silicon Valley. Pretty interesting, if you care just a little bit. Literally original content.

The latter is relying on some forwarded, supposedly “leaked”, document that strangely is all positive and builds the case for a high valuation of Palantir. Coincidentally, when Palantir is (allegedly) fundraising again. Critical questions? Additional research, for new information? Nope. Only unfiltered hype and some recycled bits. Good marketing. Bad journalism blogging.