Berlin Events: PUB QUIZ // Startup Edition on Friday at Le Labo

As you can also read over at Startüberlin – one of the lesser-known, sometimes only sporadically active, but in general pretty decent blogs on startups in Berlin – there is another event by Startup Guide Berlin coming up this week. Their events are usually good and this time it might get even better: There will be free food and drinks, that are probably – I can only assume – sponsored by Debitoor and Paychex, who are supporting this event. Plus, it will be a pub quiz, which is fun even when it is not about startups.

So, if you do not have any plans for Friday evening at 19:00, head on over to the Facebook event to sign up to meet the talented and attractive people working on Startup Guide Berlin and have some fun at Le Labo. I’m not sure how the formation of teams for the quiz will work and if putting your own team together will be allowed, but if you are serious about winning and would like to join mine, let me know on Twitter! – Otherwise, this event will also be the ideal opportunity for you to tell me that you think that my blog sucks etc. 😉