Berlin Startups & Podcasts: Silicon Allee’s Hipster & Hack started

The “field” of podcasts on tech and startups in Berlin is not exactly crowded now, as far as I know. There’s Berlin Startup Radio – not to be confused with the German-language Startup Radio, produced in far-away Frankfurt am Main – and the currently still inactive Friday at Six, my favorite startup media outlet, originally started out as a podcast or radio show (before it became a TV/video stream show), too.

Now the Silicon Allee team has started something which is more interesting (to me) than their current posts on fashion e-commerce on medium: Hipster & Hack, a new podcast. The first episode is about Opinion (the app), Zipjet, the Super Bowl and beer, essentially. The recording quality is quite good, as it was recorded at the studio of Soundcloud. I think this start is quite promising, looking forward to the next episodes with David and Travis!

Do you know of any other good podcasts on tech and startups in Berlin? Let me know on Twitter.