Berlin Startups & Podcasts: 2nd Episode of Silicon Allee’s Hipster & Hack is out

The second episode of Silicon Allee‘s Hipster & Hack podcast is out – actually already since about a week ago, I just did not notice before yesterday. If David and Travis keep up the pace, the next one should come tomorrow or the day after already. Topics of this episode are Netflix and how to access it from different places, Axel Springer investing in Business Insider and Slack (the startup that is getting so popular so fast that even their own founder does not know why).

What becomes obvious during this episode is that the Silicon Allee crew is probably not exactly unbiased towards Axel Springer, but given that David worked for the English edition of before (and, to his credit, he mentions that he worked for AS before, on the podcast), I don’t think anyone really expected that either… 😛

I would hope for a bit more “Berlin-relevant” startup topics in the coming episodes, but otherwise and in general, the podcast seems fine to me.