4 Questions 4: Yuki “Charles” Mochzuki (Xvolve)

The 4Q4 Q&A series continues, this time with Yuki “Charles” Mochzuki, CEO of Xvolve, a company that you will probably hear more about soon. Xvolve is new to Berlin, but already established in San Francisco and Tokyo.

1) Have you always been into tech and startup things?

Yes, but we are not just focusing on the tech industry. If we have a chance, and if we think it’s better to start in another industry, we are willing to try anything. Our final goal and answer is not in business. Our mission is to “change the world to make a better place”. Business is just a spring board for us.

Therefore, if opening a grocery store is the quickest way to our final goal, we might open grocery stores to get there. But for now, we think that IT and tech are the fastest way to achieve our mid-term goal which is “to be larger than Google by 2020”.

2) You are around Berlin for a few weeks already now. What are you first impressions?

People are very diverse and very open. It feels like I am back in San Francisco. The startup scene is growing here, but there is also the artist philosophical side too. It’s like California in Germany, minus the weather.

3) What can you tell us about Rejob, the company you founded (and sold) before Xvolve?

Before I started Rejob, I had 50 different business ideas, and I chose to start a coupon website for the relaxation industry. However, my business didn’t turn out really well, and my funds almost ran out in less than a year; my company was about to go bankrupt. I had no choice but to pivot. I decided to keep the market the same and change the service as a recruiting website, and that’s how Rejob was made. This service was perfectly matched to the market and increased 200%, both in sales and profits every year. It accounted for 1.2 billion yen in sales per year.

For about a year, I was thinking every day, “what is the fastest and best way to achieve my mid-term goal?” Since I had services in both Tokyo and San Francisco, I could not focus 100% on “the future.” Therefore, I came up with the answer that I have to focus and concentrate 120% on the next project. The timing was right and the conditions favored me, so I decided to sell Rejob. Xvolve (we only named it that 2 years ago) has attempted more than 20 businesses in the past 9 years. Rejob was one of them, which was acquired for 17 million dollars last year.

4) What are the near and mid-term plans for Xvolve in Berlin? What are you looking for here and how could people help you out?

The near plan for us is to make the Berlin office our base for European market. We also would like to discover individuals who can share our mission and be the core of our team. Get in touch with us, we love to meet new people!

Thanks to Charles and Xvolve for answering my questions! And remember: you read about them here first. 😉