Berlin Events: IT Business Opportunities in Brazil on March 20th

Fala português? Juliane Zielonka’s meetup group Silicon Valley Mindset for Entrepreneurs lets us know that there will be “IT Business Opportunities in Minas Gerais, Brazil – Roundtable & Networking”², taking place at the Embassy of Brazil on Friday, March 20th. This is the second meetup at an embassy by them in a row, after one at the US embassy a week ago, which apparently was quite popular³.  This event already starts at 9am in the morning, so I will be curious to see what effect that has on Berlin regulars versus others showing up. There’s not that much insights on Brazil or South America in general you usually get in (startup) Berlin, everything is very much about Europe and the US, so this  should be quite interesting. You do not actually need to speak Portuguese, however, you do need to also register by email to the event – signing up to the event on meetup is not enough.

² Minais Gerais is one of Brazil’s biggest and most economically important states, in case you did not know.

³ I did not apply to go to that one. Currently not a startup founder (yet – in the process of possibly becoming one) or investor and it was supposed to be exclusive to those.