Berlin Events: Start up Showcase with Charmaine Li of on March 24th

English-language media on Berlin startups is not exactly flourishing these days. That’s why one should read and support amateur on-the-side things, like this blog, or the somewhat more professional but not so active Startüberlin (which is, by the way, open to posts from the community, I think), or listen to Hipster & Hack from the Silicon Allee team and subscribe to the TechBerlin bi-weekly newsletter. Despite Felicitias Hackmann’s efforts, VentureVillage is not what it used to be. While it’s still worth a read, especially for people that do not understand German and therefore Gründerszene (the German-language startup blog of Vertical Media, the Axel Springer-owned company that’s also behind VentureVillage), there’s not many original posts there anymore. One positive thing is that Charmaine Li, formerly writing for VentureVillage, has found a new home at*

This brings me away from this “side track”, to the actual topic of the post: as a whole is not puting a particular emphasis on Berlin, probably because Robin Wauters as the main writer is based in Brussels and most of there other writers are scattered around Europe, but Charmaine still brings stories from here frequently and now she’s also host for a (GE-sponsored) event. The “After Hours – Start up Showcase with Charmaine Li of” at the Factory on the evening of Tuesday, March 24th will feature pitches from Changers, Priori Data and Neuronation – some interesting local startups – as well as Kacper Nowicki from GoEuro, one of the more succesful Berlin startups, and Tanja Kufner from accelerator Startup Bootcamp, as keynote speakers. If you want your startup story to appear in, this probably is also a good opportunity to try to pitch Charmaine. 😉

* Unlike a number of other former colleagues that switched to PR or left tech entirely.