Berlin Events: Startup Safary on May 6-8

As I may or may not be looking for a job in May (may, may, May – ain’t that poetic?) and it is just 5 Euros for a jobseeker ticket until the end of March, I just got myself one. I been to two editions of Startup Safary before. So far, I did not get any job or interview through, but, as far as I know, it is the best event series around to get to know and in touch with some startups in Berlin that are hiring in a rather short amount of time. The great thing about it is that it’s actually not just one jobfair event, but rather events at different offices of startups and co-working spaces, organized by the companies that are hiring or otherwise interested in getting to know people. Some of the events even actually are not just interesting for jobseekers.

The last edition I registered for, Startup Safary was a bit too heavy on late-stage, advertising and marketing startups, but as I got a free ticket, I won’t complain – I do hope that this time around, there will be some (more) IT security, machine learning, artificial intelligence, hardware, education, B2B, or SaaS etc. startups which are more interesting to me though.

As I mentioned in the beginning, this time it’s not completely free, but I think this initative by Maciek Laskus and his team is well worth the ticket price! If you have a company that is hiring – especially one of the ones that I might find interesting, of course! 😉 – you should also support it and get involved. The last time I participated, there seemed to be some pretty well-qualified developers and product people from Eastern Europe in attendance; candidates which you probably won’t find as easily elsewhere, at least not in these numbers.

Something fun: This post on very deep and insightful research was shared on the Startup Safary Facebook page.