Berlin Startups: Exit time for Absolventa & Quandoo etc. – What about 6WK, Vamos?

After a short break with focus on FreeCodeCamp, job applications and other things, back to the blog! The last week was rather eventful for Berlin and startups, in terms of exits – Absolventa and Quandoo found theirs. Hamburg startup Metrigo “switched” theirs, from one Berlin-based buyer to another. Fab, if you want to count their leftovers as a Berlin startup nowadays, also found one. As that’s all old news by now, one more interesting thing to speculate is who might have an exit soon. Or who might need an exit soon. First, the old news…

Absolventa – by Funke Mediengruppe

An online job platform being bought by a media company, that fits. Deutsche Startups briefly mentions it, Gründerzene writes more. There is also this press release about it, from Funke Mediengruppe itself.

Quandoo – €200 Mio by Recruit Holdings

Never heard about Quandoo? Basically, it’s something like OpenTable, with a strange name. Not super exciting (to me), but apparently very succesful. Gründerszene tells you about it.

Metrigo – from Zanox to Zalando

Everyone working at Hamburg AdTech company Metrigo probably knows a lot of important people in German E-Commerce now, as they were subsequently part of two of the major players in the space, Zanox and Zalando (both headquarted in Berlin).  Gründerszene reporting, again.

Fab – by PCH International

And the leftovers go to… Read about it on The Verge and re/Code. Strange to read that Fab supposedly will be used as a sales channel for electronics hardware (!) in the future.

The Next Candidates in Berlin?!

There are Berlin startups for which people get very excited about the thought of a potential exit: Wooga, for example. Or EyeEm and Research Gate, which might be “too early”, but make the impression to be in a pretty good shape to the outside. Delivery Hero already announced that they want to go for an IPO, so that can be considered a “given” and only a question of time – unless market conditions change. (How sustainable that company is over the longer term, is another question…) There is also Soundcloud, looking like it was in a rather difficult place not so long ago, for various reasons, and now somewhat better.

The real questions come up for me when looking at startups like 6Wunderkinder and, several “leagues” below, Vamos. 6Wunderkinder still seems far away from any substantial business model – the Pro version can not be it – that better should materialize any day now, if they are supposed to stay “independent” for much longer. I believe Wunderlist’s user base could be quite interesting for companies in the productivity space and they already cooperate with a number of those, but otherwise… I don’t really get it. In the case of 6Wunderkinder, I actually don’t get it for quite a while already though… and what do I know, right?

At some time also surrounded by quite a bit of positive hype (like 6WK), Vamos is a really sympathetic representative of the Berlin startup scene (for example, also in a TV series on Deutsche Welle). These days, their founder Luis-Daniel Alegría seems to be pitching everywhere again. As they have been around for quite a while now, one starts to wonder why their product and business model should work out on this attempt and why it has not happened before. They are fundraising, if a vanity metric like “Events Discovered” (depending on how that is defined, it might not be too far off from “page views”) will work to convince investors at this stage seems doubtful though. Maybe someone is interested in the event-aggregation backend they have build instead?

Anyways, before I offend any (more) people with “criticism” and superficial judgements (without insider information, that’s almost all you can do with private companies), that’s all for now!