Berlin Startups: Patience on Product Hunt today!

Berlin startup* has made it onto Product Hunt today and for the moment it looks like they collect a decent number of votes. Patience offers a SaaS solution for anyone to offer and sell their own online classes. Investors in the e-learning platform include Holtzbrinck Digital and RI Digital. You can also check them out and follow them on Angellist.

Talking about Product Hunt and Berlin, you should not miss their next meetup, coming up in a week, on March 11th.

Further talking about Berlin and Product Hunt, there is a collection of Berlin Startups, by David Nagy you should check out. At this moment, it’s still somewhat small and incomplete, but maybe this post will motivate him to do something about that. 😛


* Disclosure: I met Nikolaus Thomale, their CEO, during the early days of DailyDeal.