freeCodeCamp – Part 4: Beyond Codecademy JS – Regex & Bonfires

Because the Codecademy challenges were just revision for me – I did the Codecademy JavaScript track already, two years ago – I made decent progress over the last couple weeks, after my last post. Now I am busy with two things, Regular Expressions (Challenge 33) and the Pair Program on Bonfires (Challenge 34).

Regular Expressions

“You can use a Regular Expression, or “Regex”, to select specific types of characters in text” is what fCC tells me about Regex in the Challenge. The purpose is pretty clear: If you want to extract some information from data, for example file names, or adresses in different formats and do not want to make things overly complicated, you should use regex to parse that information in the right way. Some simple types of regular expressions are also quite easy to get, but… it does not stay like that. Based on the exercises suggested by fCC, I cannot say I fully “got it”, so far. That’s why I “crowdsourced” some additional materials on Regex via Facebook, which I am looking into now. Here is what Jonas suggested:

Let’s see if that helps!

Pair Program on Bonfires

The first pair programming challenge – should get interesting. Also the first chunk of fCC own content that is somewhat more advanced. I haven’t done much here yet, I still want to get a better idea of Regex first, only installed ScreenHero, so far. Will get started on this in the coming days…