Recommended Reading: 500 vs YC / Kreditech’s Business Practices / Vidar on Customer Development

I came across three rather interesting articles the last couple days, which I think you should read, too:

  • Y Combinator and 500 Startups — A founders comparison, by Milan Thakor, founder of Unwind Me: Individual results may vary, of course, but nevertheless it’s quite interesting to read this comparison of two of the most hyped accelerator programs in Silicon Valley from someone who went through both programs.
  • Kreditech – Wucherkredite*(in German), by Daniel Brückner: If the previous article got you in too positive of a mood about startups, this one will certainly cool you down a bit. Despite the strange SEO-ish domain name “Toptestsieger”, Daniel’s blog is one of the go-to places if you want to read about the dark side of startups, in particular questionable business practices. Here he shows how Kreditech, which likes to portray itself as a fancy big data play, operates as a loanshark with absolutely ridiculous interest rates, north of 3.000%, in countries such as Poland, Russia, Peru and Spain (which apparently have less stringent financial regulations than Germany, where Kreditech did not have a micro-loan platform open for long…).
  • Customer Development Resources, by Vidar Andersen, Founding Principal of +Andersen: Finally, if you’re looking for something (more) useful rather than interesting or infuriating, this is the post you should read. Customer Development is a pretty extensive topic and in this post Vidar clarifies a few things and points you in the right direction for some resources to really get into it.

If you think these posts were great, or useless crap, or you want to point me to some good articles for future editions of “Recommended Reading”, let me know on Twitter!

* That’s the German word for “loans with extremely high interest rates” – today you learned.