Recommended Reading: Incubator Startup Valuations / New Accelerator Batches (x2) / Exits (x2) / Startups & Babies

Time for another edition of recommended reading. This time, it is going to be a bit more extensive, in terms of the number of articles, at least.

  • How to create a €100 Million-Startup in 10 days (in German), by Ehssan Dariani, founder of StudiVZ: Ehssan explains how to create any valuation you want (on paper) with some very simple arithmetics and pricing in in-kind support, like shared services of an incubator or company builder (like Rocket Internet). I hope this article gets translated into English at some point, because the same kind of “mechanism” is probably also at work elsewhere, outside of Germany, and helps understand some of the things happening here. Explains why one should take any valuations and investment rounds that do not involve true outside investors with a grain of salt.

  • New classes of the Microsoft Accelerator (in German) and of Axel Springer Plug & Play: In total 18 startups that are freshly around here in Berlin accelerators now. Some more, some less new. Two of the startups of the Microsoft class before – Q.Datum and Tripdelta – I had already heard about before. I am not sure why they need another real estate-related startup there, with WunderAgent. Somehow that “theme” seems to be always popular in Berlin, even when the ideas are not that original. For the Axel Springer class, it is interesting to see that they are back to mostly German teams now, for this round of the accelerator. Maybe too many of their teams in the previous rounds moved back after the program and that did not look good? What is definitely odd is to see Offtime in there again, a startup that participated in the Hubraum accelerator (of Deutsche Telekom) in late 2012! Participating in two accelerators becomes more and more common, I do not get why to do that again after 2 years, twice in the same city and with a corporate-sponsored accelerator though. As Christoph “Pitchdoktor” Sollich knows the founder of Egyptianstreets, I am especially interested in how well they will do in this program.
  • Exit Nr. 1 – Txtr, acqui-hire by Zalando (in German): Technically, an insolvency and subsequent acqui-hire is also an exit. Looks like the people that invested in Christophe Maire’s ebook startup will get some of their money back from Zalando. Maybe him as well? Doubtful, the outside investors probably had a liquidation preference. In any case, it’s good that the remaining Txtr team will get a job like this right away.
  • Exit Nr. 2 – Amorelie by ProSiebenSat. 1 (in German): Did not see this one coming yet, when I speculated about upcoming exits! Well, it’s not final-final yet, but usually ExcitingCommerce is rather well-informed. If this actually happens, I think it’s an example of good execution and great timing.
  • Startups & Babies, by Montana Low, Founder of Omniref: Here is something not so serious – rather “aww, cute!” and a good idea for a type of post that can get some audience (which I found through Reddit).

Bonus – Recommended Watching:

  • Vooza explains the sharing economy: Vooza already has made fun of a lot of startup things. This time, it’s the sharing economy, a term that definitely deserves some ridicule the way it is used these days.

If you think these links were great, or useless crap, or you want to point me to some good articles for future editions of “Recommended Reading”, let me know on Twitter!