Recommended Reading: Protonet initiative / TC weirdness / Firing People (x2)

The next round of recommended reading:

  • Free your data, by Protonet, covered on Techcrunch, by Natasha Lomas: Interesting move by Hamburg startup Protonet – they started a data privacy campaign, including a petition on Let’s see how that goes!
  • The Moment I Knew Twitter Had To Buy Periscope, by Shane Mac: In case you don’t know Periscope, it’s a livestreaming app like much-hyped Meerkat. However, that’s not the point. This article is bizarre, that’s it.  You have to wonder how it ended up on Techcrunch. Or maybe you don’t have to, anymore, these days. Not sure.

  • What You Can Learn from Ben Rubin and the Meerkat Founders, by Michael Eisenberg: First post on firing, to make a pivot work, at the previously mentioned Meerkat. Always interesting to read about things in a startup not going quite as planned.
  • I fired half my team, by Steli Efti: Another post on firing for a pivot, this time a pivot from service (Elastic Sales) to product company (, not from product to another product (as in the case of Meerkat).

Bonus – Recommended Watching:

  • Accelerators in Trouble, by Matt Clifford: Slightly ironic to see the founder of an accelerator (called Entrepreneur First; based in London) talk about the problems of the accelerator model. I do not agree with everything said here (to explain what I think about accelerators, I will need a seperate full post; maybe I will write that one soon), but it’s certainly insightful and touches upon some important points.

Bonus – Recommended Listening:

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