4 Questions 4: Sissel Hansen (Startup Guide / MOVE-MENT)

Another edition of 4Q4, with Sissel Hansen, founder of Startup Guide and athlete participating in MOVE-MENT.

1) Denmark and Germany are neighbours and somewhat similar, but there’s also some differences. How do you think the entrepreneurship and business culture are different in Denmark?

In general, I only lived and worked in Berlin (and I guess the German entrepreneurial culture are different from the culture in Berlin), but there is something that is common for Berlin and the rest of Germany, which is the bureaucratic process of starting up a company.
It is extremely difficult to start a company in Germany in comparison to Denmark. In Denmark you can start a company in 5 min on the internet, in Germany it is a slow and sometimes expensive process.

2) I just signed up for my first run over a more or less long distance (7,75km). As you are a rather experienced and accomplished endurance athlete, what advice can give you me for that? 😉

Start slowly with the training. Remember that 90 % of the time you go for a run, you should it enjoy. The motivation to go out and train should not only be to accomplish the race but because you enjoy it. Then you will also get the training you need, and then you mind will do the rest when you are racing.


20150419 4Q4 Sissel Sissel with a copy of Startup Guide Aarhus.

3) Startup Guide Berlin has been out for a while now. What feedback did you get so far about how the guide has helped people?

After the book launched we have experienced overwhelming feedback from people all over the world who have visited Berlin and used the guide when they wanted to discover the startup city Berlin. We also got some awesome feedback from people who had been on the edge of starting their own company for a long time and the book was the motivation and inspiration they needed to take a first step.

4) You recently released another Startup Guide, for Aarhus, in Denmark. Aarhus is quite a different city from Berlin, so how is this guide different or similar?

Aarhus is definitely smaller then Berlin but when thats said I would say it has a lot to offer. We choose to make the exact same concept, we only added a new section called Education – because Aarhus is known as a university city with a lot of young talent, and that is definitely an important part of the ecosystem in Aarhus. We also included four new pages of Lean Canvas [written by Alex Jansen of ParkTAG], in which we try to describe how you easily can start brainstorming if you have just a basic idea.

Thanks to Sissel for answering my questions!

Disclosure: I am a guest blogger on the Startup Guide Berlin blog and gave some input to the Berlin version of the guide.