freeCodeCamp – Part 5: More Bonfires & Node.js on Nodeschool

Since the last update a month ago, I made some progress, yet not quite as much as I liked. This is probably because I now moved beyond the very basic programming concepts and skills, which I have worked with multiple times, even in different programming languages, in PHP, Pascal, Basic and partly also in Python. In other words, I got to the content now that is more or less completely new to me, like proper frameworks and, in the current bonfire, more advanced things with objects than simply adding to or creating them. Learning new stuff obviously takes a bit more time and effort than merely repeating what you already know, even if it is in a different programming language, or a somewhat more complicated application of the same concepts.


While the first two tasks in the LearnYouNode were still pretty “trivial”, the Nodeschool Challenges currently still seem quite a step up from what I do in the Bonfires for me. I could just ask a friend who knows Node.js pretty well to help me on the tasks, but I do not think that would make me learn much at this point. So, back to the bonfires…


I got started on the Nodeschool Challenges (Challenge 36 in the overall list), because I got stuck with some of the early Bonfires and thought it would be a good idea to give something else a try, to just make progress somewhere. Eventually, I found some help through the chat* and from friends through my Facebook wall and moved further. For now it looks like it makes more sense to focus on the Bonfires, although I am stuck there once again. Actually finding someone to pair-program with, as intended by freeCodeCamp, probably would let me progress much faster, but seems somewhat hard so far during the times when I am online and want to work on my JS skills.

* Which recently moved from Gitter to Slack, by the way. Slack really seems to be winning everywhere. Not sure what to think about that.