Recommended Reading: Tesla / Bubble talk / Kickstarter stories / ex-Pirate astray

The last one I just published a few days ago, but I feel like another edition of Recommendation Reading again – so here it goes!


 I guarantee that these articles are slightly more fresh. Just slightly.

  • The next tech bubble is about to burst, by Joe Kukura on The Kernel: If even all that our demigod Elon touches is not necessarily gold (and sometimes just shines), what can we actually still believe in? Certainly not the current valuations of startups, if we trust this meta-article of sorts, which put together a couple of recent bubble theories and discussions by big names in tech.
  • William Shatner’s $30 Billion Kickstarter Campaign to Save California, by David Pogue on Yahoo: Well, yes… in a way this crowdfunding idea to solve California’s water issues also fits the bubble context, I suppose.
  • Kolossal failure: 10 lessons I learned from burning through $50,000 on a hardware project that bombed, by Ivalyo Kalburdzhiev of KOLOS: This Kickstarter campaign sounds like it was somewhat more likely to succeed, but failed nevertheless. Definitely some good lessons to learn from it, for others.
  • Former Pirate Lauer becomes Head of Strategic Innovation at Axel Springer (in German), by Ingo Rentz on Horizont: Depending on who you ask, the German Pirate Party, is or is not – or, is or is not supposed to be – an “internet party”. In any case, it is fair to say that it is a party with members that are quite engaged in Netzpolitik issues, so this story seems relevant to me. Christopher Lauer taking on this position at Axel Springer, a politically conservative media company, shows that these days he is quite distant from the mainstream* of the party he left not so long ago.

If you think these links were great, or useless crap, or you want to point me to some good articles for future editions of “Recommended Reading”, let me know on Twitter!

* Does a kind of “mainstream” really exist within the German Pirate Party? I’m actually not so sure sometimes.