Recommended Reading: Asset Prices / German VCs / Bike Startups (x2) / “Startup” critique

Time for another round of… recommended readin’!


It’s all in the books, man!

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Recommended Reading: Kelsen / More Unicorns / Gen Y Identity

This time, two “leftovers” that are two weeks old that I did not get to post then and one actually recent post:

  • Kelsen is not a killer startup (in German): Some things – or startups – are not what they seem. When I heard about Kelsen, I thought it was pretty interesting idea. A more specific, domain-focused version of one of the startups I worked for before. Looks like this did not really actually have anything much at all (yet?). Interestingly, the Microsoft Accelerator thought they had good potential though…

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Berlin Events: Bistream Venture Summit on May 26th

By recommendation of David Nagy, you should check out the Bistream Venture Summit tomorrow – if you have time, and are intersted in the “investors, trends and markets of East Asia”, that is. There are some fairly well-known Berlin-based speakers coming, such as…

  • Robin Haak of Jobspotting
  • Miho Tanaka of Airmarkr
  • Mikko Alasaarela of Inbot (formerly known as Linko)

and Berlin startups participating…

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4 Questions 4: Mengühan Ünver (StartupCVs)

This time in 4Q4, Mengühan Ünver, one of the founders of StartupCVs. 

1. You have some recent experience in startups in your team, but also some corporate or consulting experience. What can you bring from these other experiences outside of startups into your current work?

The differences between working in a corporate environment and working in a startup are immense. In a corporate environment, you take a much more reactive role where problems are externally generated and need to be solved by you. In a startup on the other hand, you actively have to generate problems and initiate things, otherwise you and your employees simply have nothing to do. Adjusting yourself to this type of working is quite difficult for new startup founders/employees coming from the corporate world. Nevertheless, the most important experiences I could take from corporate were:

  • Knowing organizational processes and structures: learning from a highly developed organization makes it far easier to create your own structures and processes
  • My skills in sales and (online) marketing: my technical knowledge was very handy many times, I was not required to hire someone until the later stages of our company
  • The fact that I know I do not want to work in corporate​ as an employee in the near future​ – this one is the most important. Quite many professionals do not know which type of environment suits them best. This is something that you have to experience yourself.

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Recommended Reading: ALDI goes EV / Peak Tinder / End of Skolkovo / Unicorns

Coding keeps me from reading as much as usual, but… I still came across a couple interesting stories the last couple days:

  • Discounter opens first charging station for EVs (in German), by Georg Weishaupt in Handelsblatt: Discounter supermarket leader ALDI makes a move to supply the growing number of electric vehicles in Germany with “juice”. 50 stations will be build across the ALDI Süd territory until June.


Keepin’ it old school (like ALDI used to?)

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Berlin Startups: Heyyo, seriously?

After about five years in tech, it’s sometimes hard to not become cyncial about and/or overly critical of some very early stage projects that seem rather… not so “promising”. These days, I manage to have a somewhat positive attitude towards most new things, even if they seem somewhat (s)crappy on first and second look. Lots of great companies started out that way, after all, and things looked significantly better for them after a significant pivot etc.. Sometimes you just have to also criticize quality though. (I very much like to criticise questionable business practices and unethical or “illegal” business models of startups – although maybe not quite as much as Daniel Brückner – and think it’s a good thing to do that frequently, but that’s another story.) Maybe it will actually help and get the startup to make a succesful pivot? Ideally before the bubble bursts
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Startup Events: Start Up Lebanon – NYC on May 21st

I will not be able to make this one, but if you are in New York at this time in May, you should consider getting a ticket to Start Up Lebanon NYC. Not Lebanese? Neither are several of the speakers. Not particularily interested in Lebanon yet? I think you probably will be, after the event. Ramzi Rizk of Berlin’s EyeEm will be there, as well Parker Thompson from 500 Startups. I must admit that there’s a couple names of people in Lebanese tech that I would expect there, who are missing, but… probably not so easy to get everyone to New York on a limited budget and maybe some of them are just participating, not speaking. Hope that there will be more Startup Lebanon events elsewhere in the future, so I can maybe make it to one then, too! 🙂

Recommended Reading: Politico in Europe / Creative Resume / Twitter’s mistake

After a rails course-related break during this week, it’s back to action with another edition of Recommended Reading:

  • The birth of a new publication on Politico Europe, by John F. Harris and Matthew Kaminski: Politico launched in Europe, with coverage focused on the European issues developing in Brussels. Will it be any more relevant here than the Huffington Post? Probably, but that’s not exactly setting a high bar, especially for Germany, where these days it sometimes seems like I know more people proud of writing for HuffPost, than people reading it overall.


Read. Read. Learn.

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