Berlin Events: Bistream Venture Summit on May 26th

By recommendation of David Nagy, you should check out the Bistream Venture Summit tomorrow – if you have time, and are intersted in the “investors, trends and markets of East Asia”, that is. There are some fairly well-known Berlin-based speakers coming, such as…

  • Robin Haak of Jobspotting
  • Miho Tanaka of Airmarkr
  • Mikko Alasaarela of Inbot (formerly known as Linko)

and Berlin startups participating…

  • Blinkist
  • Clue
  • EyeEm (recently got investment by Peter Thiel)
  • relayr
  • senic (a Y-Combinator startup)

but the special focus of the event is obviously on Eastern Asia and working with companies there! The organiser Bistream itself seems to be a recruiting (talent from Japan, for Germany) and consulting company with a focus on Japan.