freeCodeCamp – Part 6: Bonfires’ Second Level & BREAK

Time for another update on my progress with freeCodeCamp, which will probably be the last update for the next 2, 3 months or so. I did not get give up on learning to code or, I just decided to follow a different approach for a while. More on that later, first my last bits of progress!

I continued further with the Bonfires. I finished up to number 18 (out of 46) of this part of the own exercises of fCC, which was the exercise with a level two difficulty. To me it seemed like this exercise, Sum All Numbers in a Range, was actually easier than a couple of the exercises before, on the first level, but that might be a rather subjective opinion or impression.


I did not make quite as much progress with freeCodeCamp in the last few months as I had hoped. If there’s noone around that you can ask questions or discuss with when you get stuck, or when you want to understand not only the how but also the why, learning on your own can get a bit frustrating. The progress is slower than it would be otherwise, that’s for sure, even if you have a lot of time. The remote pair programming-thing with Screenhero did not really work for me. That’s why I decided to try a different approach to learning to code, for the near future. I still would recommend trying fCC to others though and might try to pick it up again, some time in the future.

to be continued…