Recommended Reading: ALDI goes EV / Peak Tinder / End of Skolkovo / Unicorns

Coding keeps me from reading as much as usual, but… I still came across a couple interesting stories the last couple days:

  • Discounter opens first charging station for EVs (in German), by Georg Weishaupt in Handelsblatt: Discounter supermarket leader ALDI makes a move to supply the growing number of electric vehicles in Germany with “juice”. 50 stations will be build across the ALDI Süd territory until June.


Keepin’ it old school (like ALDI used to?)

  • Peak Tinder on Product Hunt: A Tinder for Tinders on Product Hunt. Okay. One could also do a Product Hunt for Product Hunts now… oh, wait, that’s basically Product Hunt already. Meanwhile, Tinder itself has found some new use cases, providing other basic needs in the Maslow Pyramid. Ain’t that great? So, I think that means there’s still potential for more.
  • The Short Life and Speedy Death of Russia’s Silicon Valley by James Appell in Foreign Policy: If you are artificially creating a tech hub and do not support it over the long-haul, you are going to have a bad time. Fun fact: Silicon Valley was also created by government policies. Investment (or subsidy) was a lot bigger though, and never discontinued.
  • How to Build a Unicorn From Scratch – and Walk Away with Nothing, by Heidi Roizen of DFJ: Deal terms matter – not just the valuation. Sounds obvious, but apparently it’s not.

If you think these stories were nice, or really boring, or you want to point me to some good articles for future editions of “Recommended Reading”, let me know on Twitter!