Recommended Reading: Asset Prices / German VCs / Bike Startups (x2) / “Startup” critique

Time for another round of… recommended readin’!


It’s all in the books, man!

  • Ex-VCs Launch Brilliant Bicycle Co. With $1.5 Million In Funding, by Christine Magee on TechCrunch: A startup without tech, in the US market. Is that another sign that things are overheating, at least over there? I don’t know. One bit that might be more interesting than the article itself, if you are not into the bike market, is the comment of Mike Butcher, editor for TC in Europe, below the article.
  • Volo gives itself a new name and goes into new cities (in German), by Hannah Loeffler on Gründerzene: Volo Foodora is not really a bike startup as such, of course.  Delivery by bike is just one of the options their drivers are using. (And since it got sold to Rocket a few months ago, maybe it’s not even a startup anymore at all, actually? Definitions, definitions…)
  • Why I won’t run another startup, by Arthur Attwell: Another piece of critical reflection on startups, the industry around etc., from a founder’s perspective.

So far so good. Let’s see what I come across next. If you want to point me into a certain direction, do that on Twitter!