Don’t .gitignore this friendly reminder! / Daigaku at #RUGB

I learned something the hard way this week:

Setting up your .gitignore in the beginning of a project can help you avoid a lot of unnecessary work! I ran into the problem with my video upload & player project (one aspect of which I wrote about here before). In my case, it was not quite as bad as for this guy, who accidently commited a DVD iso to his repository, but… even 60 (unnecessary) mb in an old commit can be really annoying! I still haven’t quite fixed the problem, I think.

Anyways, so much about that (for now, at least).

On a more fun note, I also went to my first Ruby Usergroup Berlin meetup this week. I heard of Daigaku, the Ruby adaption of Nodeschool (simply put), once or twice before and so it was a nice surprise to find out that it’s the project of someone “local”! The other talks were not as “beginner friendly”, but also interesting. – Now I have a vague idea of what LISP code looks like. Not sure what I might need that for, but… cool anyways. 😉