Recommended Reading: Triple Unicorn / Historical Perspective / #500Stable / Bonus

Before I forget, here another edition of Recommended Reading… that I was meaning to get out for a couple days now!


  • Press Release: 37Signals Valuation tops $100 Billion after bold VC Investment, by Jason Fried on Signal v. Noise: An oldie, but a goldie. And pure coincicence that I link to it right after the news on Delivery Hero, certainly.
  • #500stable, by Dave McClure of 500 Startups: Technically not at all a “post” that you need to “read”. However, it’s important anyway. First of all, so you realize that this blog has a Facebook page. Which you can like, if you want to. Sometimes this page got content that this blog does not have. Secondly, this piece in particular, gives us additional funny industry lingo, for the startups that are still a bit more modest than Delivery Hero. Hello to all Centaurs and My Little Ponys out there!

Bonus – Recommended Watching

See you next time!