How To: Essential Crowdfunding Tools

For my work for Boréal Bikes, an ebike startup, I recently started to look into a couple tools, which are useful for a crowdfunding campaign. As crowdfunding is getting bigger and bigger, more mature and and a more developed “system” (of testing product ideas etc.), there’s already quite a few companies now that do something especially for companies that are crowdfunding, or, even more specifically, just for companies crowdfunding on Kickstarter or Indiegogo etc..


Get ALL that money from the crowd. Every cent counts.

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Berlin Events: Bergfürst Grill den Gründer with C.H. WOLF on July 10th

Grill the founder – well, that sounds promising… okay, it is not about grilling the founders of C.H. WOLF in the literal sense, but it might get interesting anyways:

Bergfürst is one of the crowdinvesting platforms in Berlin and C.H. WOLF, a watch manufacturer, is a company that currently looks for funding on there. The idea is (presumably) that this is an event to get to know the founders and ask them questions about their business model, strategy etc. – and if you get convincing answers, you will hopefully invest in them (via Bergfürst). To get me to invest, it would have to be very, very convincing, but… let’s wait and see. 😉

If you’re interested in investing in a watch company (or just want to ask them some annoying difficult questions), sign up on Eventbrite!

Berlin Events: TOA Thursday Afterparty with Slush and Jobspotting on July 16th

The Tech Open Air satellite events are all neatly to be found on their website. For the parties in the evening, that’s apparently not the case though. (Maybe, at least in this case, because they do not use Eventbrite?!) So, here is a first tip for a party! Slush is running one of Europe’s major startup conferences in Finland, Jobspotting is one of the more interesting startups in Berlin, therefore, based on that, this might get good.