How To: Essential Crowdfunding Tools

For my work for Boréal Bikes, an ebike startup, I recently started to look into a couple tools, which are useful for a crowdfunding campaign. As crowdfunding is getting bigger and bigger, more mature and and a more developed “system” (of testing product ideas etc.), there’s already quite a few companies now that do something especially for companies that are crowdfunding, or, even more specifically, just for companies crowdfunding on Kickstarter or Indiegogo etc..


Get ALL that money from the crowd. Every cent counts.

Competitor & Best Practice Analysis

Media coverage or the total amount raised by campaign can be misleading. If you want to find out which campaigns really did well and what impact PR successes etc. that seem crucial on first sight really hadit is helpful to look at some data on how a campaign did over time. Here are two tools for that:

  • Kicktraq: Focused on Kickstarter only.
  • Crowdlogs: Kickstarer, Indiegogo, Patreon etc.

Here is a comparison between these two tools on a blog called Crowdfux, which I do not want to repeat, plagiarize or paraphrase here. (Plus a third service called Kickspy, which shut down in the meantime.)

Perk Fulfillment Partners

Some crowdfunding perks for backers are fairly commoditized by now, like merchandise, such as a T-Shirt or coffee mug, for small contributions. Therefore, it’s probably only “natural” that some companies have emerged that help you specifically with the fulfillment of your “standard perks”.

  • Backerkit: They also cover some other related areas, for the organization of the delivery on your campaign.
  • Amplifier: The fulfillment partner promoted on Indiegogo. (You can use them whenever you “directly sell to your community” though, according to the information on their site.)

You will still have to develop your product or film your movie yourself etc. though. 😉

Launch Buzz Tools

Getting traction and attention early on is one of the key components for the success of a crowdfunding campaign. On some plattforms, your campaign only gets visibility via the plattforms channels after you reach a certain percentage of your fundraising goal. Every day that the campaign is below that treshold might result in wasted potential. These two tools allow your base to support you by agreeeing to simultaneously broadcasting a message on social media, for example at the time around the launch of a campaign:

Both tools work quite similar, they just have different business models: Headtalker has a marketplace for (adding and selling) paid reach, Thunderclap charges for some features.

If you have some essential tools to add, need help with a crowdfunding campaign, or want to exchange ideas, experiences etc. around crowdfunding, contact me on Twitter!