Berlin Events: TV Hackday 2015 Berlin on September 26-27

Thanks to Hackevents, I heard about this upcoming hackathon in September, around the topics of TV and media. Also since I’m looking to ideally already team up beforehand with some people, I decided to post about it. Register for it on Eventbrite. If you are also going to the his hackathon and would like to work together, let me know on Twitter. I want to work with Rails, so I’m looking for other people using that, designers,  front-end people etc..

Berlin eMobility Overview

Is there a lot going on in eMobility in Berlin? I wasn’t sure, so I started to put together a list… I split things over a couple different categories, to make it more organized.

Local independent companies that do something that relates to eMobility – building or marketing vehicles, related technology or earning money with renting out electric vehicles etc..
  • Ubitricity: Works on electric car charging stations, integrated in street lights.
  • Unu: Well-funded startup that is building and selling electric scooters.
  • eMio: Electric scooter rental startup, currently focused on Berlin city center (area within the S-Bahn Ring).
  • coModule: Smart electronics for light electronic vehicles, partly in Berlin, partly in Estonia.
  • Grace Bikes: E-Bike constructor and producer, with connections to Biesenthal, north of Berlin.
  • Boréal Bikes: E-Bike and smart bike component constructor and producer.
Where to buy electric vehicles and accessories for them.

Why “the Berlin startup scene” does not care (much) for #Landesverrat

Last Saturday I did something I otherwise basically never do: I (intentionally) passed by a protest, in this case one for press freedom (see and even walked along, for most of it (shortly before the end, I had to leave). Admittedly, I most likely would not have bothered to go, if I did not have a meeting nearby soon after anyways. I am politically interested, maybe even somewhat “engaged”, compared to the average, but in relation to the total time and energy I have, I do not put a whole lot of it into politics at the moment.

Anyways. As there were not always (engaging) speeches or something else interesting going on, I read along the Twitter timeline for #Landesverrat, practiced some clicktivism/slacktivism by retweeting things I found interesting, writing a few Tweets myself etc.. Then I came across this Tweet that I found interesting: “You know whom I never see at these kind of protests? The Berlin startup scene. #Landesverrat” – I think it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what the startup scene is really “about”.

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