Recommended Reading: Berlin Beer City / Funds (x2) / Rocket / Tidal

This week, again, Recommended Reading for… everyone that likes to read! 😉

19042015 4Q4 Sissel

Startup Guide Aarhus: Also recommended – if you are interested in Aarhus.

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Berlin Events: PUBLIC VIEWING – Die Höhle der Löwen (VOX) on October 13th

I have to admit that I missed most of the last couple episodes of DHDL – since I have regular full-time work now, I rather spend my free time with basketball or meeting friends, rather than at networking events or watching TV – however, I still think the German version of Shark Tank is worth watching. A more interesting setting to watch it, rather than just alone at home, is the meetup organized by the Berlin Startups meetup group at Hubraum. The next one is this Tuesday, starting at 19:45! I was there a couple times during the first season and it’s quite fun to exchange opinions on the presented ideas, the behavior of the investors etc. with other people that are interested in startups.

If you can’t make it to Berlin, you can just watch it on VOX at 20:15 instead and discuss about it with random people on Twitter (if you’re into that).

Recommended Reading: VW Scandal / Crowdfunded Failures / Post-Agile

What was interesting in the last week? Let’s see…


No posts in non-European languages, this time around.

  • My friend, the software-fraudster (in German) by Hans Bonfigt: Hard to verify, but Volkswagen might have been cheating already in the early 80s (with their catalytic converters) , according to this story. The author seems to have a pretty clear bias though, to be fair.

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Recommended Reading: Culture / Concepts / Conferences

Recommended Reading is back yet again for another edition!