How to: Become a developer in Berlin

My own path to become a developer in Berlin probably cannot be “replicated” easily: I relied on the help and generosity of other people, which I knew for more or less long, and also got lucky to be accepted in the end, even though I was not on a high skill level yet, probably simply because I am – and make the impression to be – eager and able to learn more.

I do think, however, that it is not rocket science to become a developer here. There is demand, as well as a lot of help and opportunities to get in contact with the right people. Today at the Free Code Camp Berlin meetup, we talked about some things that improve your chances.

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4 Questions 4: Simon Tadros (JSConf Beirut)

Next up, another 4Q4. This time we go outside of Europe, to Lebanon.

1. When I first met you, you were still mainly into PHP. When did you leave that behind and why?

It’s not about leaving behind. PHP is a great programming language and it’s open source. It all started with a hello world, exploring Node.js and I was impressed by the node package manager and libraries available, especially those connecting to IoT.

2. You are organizing a JSConf in Beirut in February. What do you think will be the highlights of the program there?

JS is not well spread among Lebanese devs. Here the majority of developer use PHP, JQuery, some native JS. So it’s gonna be like a big introduction to front end stacks, like Angular and React, intro to Node.js, the Ionic framework on mobile and robotics. However, we will also push some advanced topics.

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