Berlin Events: The Logan CIJ Symposium March 11-12

The last time I wrote a longer post about something political (in the context of the Landesverrat protests), I got accused of being part of a politically ignorant or apathetic bunch in Berlin tech – even though I thought it was pretty clear and obvious that my post was meant to be descriptive of the status-quo, rather than prescriptive or approving.

In any case, I’m doing my part, for today, and wanted to let you know about an interesting and important event in town, happening tomorrow and the day after: The Logan Center for Investigative Journalism Symposium is – you guessed it – a conference about investigative journalism. In this day and age, that topic should be important and relevant not only for journalists, but also for other people that are interested in politics, privacy laws, surveillance and technology. (And Markus Beckedahl from will be there, too.) There are still some tickets and, in case you cannot make it to BCC, there will also be a livestream of the event.