Berlin’s most “relevant” tech-focused PR firms

Lists are fun! Well, not particularly, actually, after the concept has been overused by all kinds of web publishers. Lists are useful, however, if some thought went into creating them. So, here is my list of tech-focused PR firms that are somewhat relevant for Berlin.


Mashup Communications

Miriam Rupp and her agency have been in Berlin for quite a while already.


At the very least, Thomas Keup is good for the occasional controversial article on Do not think he does much English-language media though.


Probably the no. 1 in Germany. Tilo Bonow has been around the field since the Jamba-days.

Mighty PR

SF-based, working for Soundcloud and Evernote, so rather a firm for the more established tech companies with a strong Valley-presence.

Ballou PR

Sebastian Rumberg also created some good, useful lists. I think it speaks in favor of the firm that it’s not just Collete Ballou up front and they also hire some good people – like him.


Kerstin Bock and Carolin Lessoued… and Niko, too – so basically the organising team of TOA, plus X.

Tonka PR

The place where some of the Openrs team worked before they started their own thing.

Kalie Moore

A one-woman show, but consistently at it for a while now already, too.


There are some other’s with unclear status, or that are currently not for hire. Clarity PR does not seem to have much of a Berlin-presence anymore, since Linsey Fryatt, the former Editor-in-Chief of VentureVillage (meanwhile rebranded as Heureka) left. Candy Behuin seems to stick full-time startup jobs these days. Jess Ericksson, one of the main pushers of the anti-copycat startups-theme a few years back, will probably not come back to Europe any time soon, since she just switched positions within 500 Startups to become their program manager in LA.

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