FCC Berlin: 13 meetups & counting

After a long break, it’s time to post something again. This Saturday, the freeCodeCamp Berlin group had it’s 13th “official” meetup. And by official, I mean “announced as a Facebook event”. There’s been other times where I, as the main organizer, as well as other group members informally met up to learn coding together on short notice. There’s also been times among these 13 when nobody showed up though. Time for a first evaluation!

So far, the group is a mixed success: I have given up on estimating how many people will actually show up. Had everything, from 0 to 15 around people and the responses on Facebook do not give you much of an idea of how many it will be. (That’s why I now always come prepared to also just learn alone, too.) The rate of repeat participants could be higher, but there are some regulars, like my friend Daniel, who is now also a co-admin of the group. The group could be more active, of course. However, it keeps going, more or less “organically”, with the limited time and effort we are able to put in it. Beyond posting the meetups on our Facebook profiles and mentioning the group in my bio in the chapter I wrote for the second edition of Startup Guide Berlin, we have not done much promotion – and we did not have to, as freeCodeCamp is growing on it’s own, through the quality of it’s content and word-of-mouth alone.

Compared to FCC in other cities, the success is rather limited. In the context of Berlin, we are doing alright though: There’s a lot of other opportunities to meet up to learn here, some of which I participated in myself and also recommend to the members of the group, first and foremost OpenTech School Berlin.

Let’s see what the next 13 meetups bring and what else we can do!