How To: XMPP OTR Chat with Pidgin

As a short follow-up to my Cryptoparty event post, here a short explanation on how to get started with XMPP (Jabber) OTR chat with Pidgin, to spread some (very basic) knowledge. I deviate from the advice given at the Cryptoparty, because I did not use Jitsi, but rather Pidgin. The reason for not using Jitsi is simply that my brother advised me not to use it, as it is build with Java. Therefore, I reverted to Pidgin, a messenger client I already used before, not so long ago. We did not go into the other steps at this Cryptoparty, so I am not sure in how far they conform with the advice that is usually given there on that. Anyways… Let’s get started!

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My favorite talks of #31c3

Another Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg ended yesterday. Instead of going there (as I originally had planned), I just tuned into the livestream (frequently) and checked the recordings (for only a few talks, so far). As some people on Reddit stated that they found the program “underwhelming” beforehand, my expectations were not super-high – and I was rather positively surprised in the end. Here is the talks I liked the most, so far:

Computer Science in the DPRK

If you want to learn about something new today, with little overlap to what you already know, you should watch this talk about teaching and studying computer science in North Korea, by Will Scott. I’m not sure how and for what you will apply this knowledge, but it’s definitely intereresting. Will, a graduate student from University of Washington, gives some insights on the curriculum he tought, the state of tech in the country, as well as what his students were like.

Link on – Reddit AMA, from a year ago, in case you prefer to read about it.

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