Berlin Startups: Shyftplan – a Blog Post from Bizarro World

Yesterday I worked on a shift planning model, using linear programming with the solver in LibreOffice, for a project. Nothing too complicated, about finding the optimal number of part-time and full-time workers, for a Kindergarden, over one working day, with a fluctuating number of children that need to be supervised. (More explanation of that might follow soon, in some upcoming posts.)

In any case, after I was done, I recalled that there’s at least one startup in Berlin doing something in this area. I googled something like “shift planning startup Berlin” and, sure enough, I found Shyftplan. The site looks fine, they also seem to be doing all kinds of useful things related to planning shifts, like helping you with payroll accounting etc.. Probably a bit overengineered for the project I was working on and apparently specific to the German market, so not applicable to the project in any case. What I found really interesting though, is a post on their blog …

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