Recommended Reading: Politico in Europe / Creative Resume / Twitter’s mistake

After a rails course-related break during this week, it’s back to action with another edition of Recommended Reading:

  • The birth of a new publication on Politico Europe, by John F. Harris and Matthew Kaminski: Politico launched in Europe, with coverage focused on the European issues developing in Brussels. Will it be any more relevant here than the Huffington Post? Probably, but that’s not exactly setting a high bar, especially for Germany, where these days it sometimes seems like I know more people proud of writing for HuffPost, than people reading it overall.


Read. Read. Learn.

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Resources & Links: Pitch Decks & Pitching

If you want to learn pitching from the best, you should probably start with watching some demo days from the leading accelerators (like YC, Tech Stars or 500 Startups), check out old pitch decks from startups and take a look at what smart people wrote about pitching and pitch decks. Afterwards, at some point, you might want to get into touch with a pitching consultant, if you can afford that. Here is a collection of useful links for these things that I will update continously (whenever I feel like it).

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