Techstars Metro & AtomLeap – Two more Accelerators coming to town

What does Berlin not need more of?!? Accelerators! – Well, okay, maybe Berlin can actually make use of this one called AtomLeap, to my knowledge the second hardware accelerator in town, after

In the meantime, my excitement over Techstars coming to Berlin, previously the latest (significant) addition to the accelerator-field, had diminished a bit, since they announced they will partner up with Metro and focus on food and gastronomy startups. However, I just realized that apparently this actually will be a different, second program, seperate from the regular Techstars Berlin program. (Anyone else that got confused by their communication, or just me?) Either way, this move somewhat contradicts statements made by Jens Lapinski, the head of the local programs, just a few weeks ago.

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TechStars comes to Berlin – and no not need to fear the “Competition”

As TechCrunch lets us know (as well as the personal blog* of Managing Director Jens Lapinski), TechStars is coming to Berlin in June. In this context, Mike Butcher shows off his knowledge of the local ecosystem with an extensive (and almost error-free) list of other accelerators in Berlin:

There is hub:raum Berlin, Microsoft Ventures accelerators, Axel Springer Plug&Play Accelerator, Startupbootcamp Berlin, Berlin Startup Academy, MakeAStartup, YouIsNow, Founderslink, Wayra Berlin, FoundFair, Betahaus, V-Check, Founders Institute Berlin and probably more.

And then, to emphasize the point, he closes with:

TechStars Berlin enters crowded market, so it will be interesting to see if they can bring anything new to the party.

However, actually, it’s pretty obvious that TechStars has nothing to “fear” in Berlin. I will tell you why. (Even though it is obvious.)

* He’s got a great taste for blog themes, I think. 😉

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