A new start? – Fall cleaning

After a long hiatus for this blog, I decided to take things up again, first by depublishing all my ~170 old posts only. (I was a bit surprised that I had published that many!)

If I decide to properly reactivate this blog, some of the posts will “re-appear” eventiually – after a review and if I decide that they still have some value now. Considering many of them were mere event recommendations, I will likely filter out quite a few of them.

About the future direction of the blog, I have not made up my mind yet. As I am working as a web developer for three years now, I am somewhat inclined to go towards a more technical direction. I am still interested in “tech” as in (mostly VC-funded) “startups”, although now I got a somewhat different perspective and like to focus more on the development and product side of things.

That’s all for now! 😉