I am Johann Quassowski and this blog is about tech and entrepreneurship. Mostly web tech, mostly startups, and with a focus on Berlin, but not exclusively. I am one-writer show, so do not expect (m)any news articles, reactions to generic press releases etc.. – I prefer to write other types of post.

If you want to read a little more from me, you can follow me on Twitter. That’s also the best place to give me feedback, since I do not feel like moderating and reacting to (spam) comments here, I turned them off.

Realized with help from…

Martin Quassowski – Technical support. Previously also template design adjustments, Europreneur logo & favicon.

Originally, in it’s first incarnation (~2011-2012), this blog had a different purpose:

The Europreneur.net blog tracks entrepreneurial activity in the Euregio Maas-Rhine. Follow us to read about the latest developments and be able to grow your venture to its full potential.

After I graduated from university in Maastricht and left the city, I did not continue with this concept. Nevertheless, I would like to thank Ana Mihail and Mentor Palokaj for the feedback and help they provided to the original idea.

My background

I had my first experience in startups with an internship at DailyDeal (in late 2009 to early 2010), a startup which later on, long after I left, became somewhat (in)famous, at least on a local level, for being a company that got bought by Google and bought back by the original founders, within less than a year. Since then, I worked with or for a number of other startups, most of them were B2B companies and/or remained obscure so that you will never have heard of them. I made some attempts at getting something started myself, too, but as far as startups, that has not amounted to much yet.

Since around the end of 2014, I started to move to the development side of tech, with freeCodeCamp, railstutorial.org and a now defunct Ruby bootcamp called Stackademy as my main learning resources. From August 2015 until the end of January 2019, I worked in Ruby and Python backend development at Minodes, a retail analytics company originally started by Project A that became part of Telefonica NEXT in May 2017. From June 2019 till end of March 2020, I worked for Finleap Connech / Finreach, in Ruby development. Since April 2020, I am at Future Demand, doing Python on an AWS-heavy stack.