The Colombian-Colombian Coffee Ranking (CCCR)

After the great success of BTR – imagine BORAT here – I was looking for another R to add. I have thought about it. Hard. And NOW I can say I will deliver. Soon. Not in 8, 9, or 10 months. Soon. Much sooner. I am not a woman. So I deliver. Talking about “delivery”, today I told Louis the following:

“Agencies know how to deliver. Startups do not”

Is this a good by someone? Or did I come up with that. Probably not. Everything has been said by someone at some point before.

Yes. What might this be. Why Colombian-Colombian, actually? Not just simply Colombian, right? Well… Fortsetzung folgt…

Let’s Talk About Stocks, Startups & Investing – Part I

Independently of each other, two friends of mine – Akash here in Berlin and Omar in Canada – have asked me to teach them something about stocks and investment. I was not originally planing to cover that on my blog soon, but here it goes. Initially, I will focus on some general rules and public markets, i.e. stocks and related financial products and instruments. Later on, depending on how the interest in that is, I will also talk about investing one type of private company, some of you might be familiar with – as employers, rather than as investment opportunities: startups.

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