Berlin Tiramisu Ranking (BTR)

About every week, I am trying one tiramisu in Berlin, so you do not have to. Somehow, apparently, this desert is surprisingly hard to get right. Here is what I tried so far, ranked from best to worst:

De Noantri (2020-05-24)

This one was actually pretty good, or maybe it was just my mood after meeting Louis to talk Boreal Bikes! Cookie was well soaked, cream was fine. – Görlitzer Str. 63, Kreuzberg. Score: 7/10. Price: €5

La Premiata (2020-05-17)

The ratio of cream to cookie is about right, however there’s just one layer of each – hence I would not recommend it! Cookie layer maybe a bit too soaky with amaretto, but that’s a minor issue. – Weinbergsweg, Mitte. Score: 5/10. Price: €5,5.

Pizza Pane (2020-05-10)

Cheap supermarket tiramisu often is almost all cream, hardly any or no cookie. This was probably the most cookie and least cream I ever had for a tiramisu. So, this is the other extreme and I would also not recommend it. Kastanienallee, Prenzlauer Berg. Score: 4/10. Price: €4,5.

to be continued... to do list: Pane e Vino, Kastanienallee, Italian Food Berlin, Kastanienallee, Pasta & Passione, Kastanienallee.