On AustroPop & Indy, 80s Electronic & (Retro) Synthwave, Reggae & Arabic – my music taste

I really like Voodoo Jürgens, Wanda, Olympique, AnneMeyKantereit , S.T.S., Falco… a bunch of (mostly) Austrian stuff, somehow. (AMK is German.) Once there’s concerts in Berlin again, I want to see one of them live in as-soon-as-possible!

I haven’t been to that many concerts yet, in my life actually:

Inner Circle, the Jamaican reggae band, twice to Mashrou’ Laila from Lebanon, Ziad Rahbani, once – still haven’t seen Elias, Mosaic of the Orient is one of the most epic pieces of music, in my opinion – and a few other, mostly Arab artists, including Lena Chamamyan, and the Ornina Syrian Orchestra, twice, with Rasha Rizk – and my friend Farah Tarek, from the Tarab choir, singing in the support choir – indy bands like The Wanton Bishops, electronic stuff like Acid Arab or 47 Soul. Who Killed Bruce Lee, Postcards, Scrambled Eggs, and of course Fairuz and Yasmine Hamdan are definitely “still on my list”, to complete my “Lebanese collection” as well. 😉

If you always just think about going to a concert and then the artist is already dead, like in the case of Falco, or clearly beyond their peak, like in the case of Fairuz, or no longer active and you “missed your chance” to see them live at least once – even though you easily could have afforded to go – I think it is quite sad. Life is full of missed chances, unfortunately.

I am quite happy to have seen Giorgio Moroder DJ live once already – big fan of the South-Tirolian – at a party from WeWork and would also be very eager to see Hans Zimmer – big fan, because I am huge fan of the 80s TV show Miami Vice as well – Kraftwerk, or Egyptian Lover, as I thought they were really pioneering artists for electronic music. I also would like to go see any of the Marley brothers, as I will unfortunately never get the chance to see their father live in concert, or Peter Tosh.

More people should get to see great artists during their lifetimes and that’s also one part I am indirectly working on, at future demand – as we try to get a full house, for every concert! And maybe that’s why I like getting up for work, every day, since I started working there in beginning of April to work on achieving that. Great, enthusiastic colleagues, a nice office, being able to learn an interesting new stack (heavy on AWS) and a CEO that constantly challenges me to do better might also have something to do with that though… 😉