The Colombian-Colombian Coffee Ranking (CCCR)

After the great success of BTR – imagine Borat gesturing here – I was looking for another ranking to add. I have thought about it. Hard. For a while. And in the end, I decided for a ranking of Colombian-Colombian coffee beans.

Yes. What might this be. Why Colombian-Colombian, actually? Not just simply Colombian, right? Well… There is a lot of coffee out there which is supposed to be from Colombia, but roasted or packaged abroad. This ranking does not contain any of those partially Colombian coffees – it is about coffees that are completely Colombian only.

D’Origenn Region Caribe

This coffee is from San Pedro in Sierra Nevada, Finca Palmichal, farmer Ruben Zabala, growing at 1430 meters above sea level. The variety is given as “Colombia, caturra”. Tastes like green apples, chocolate and dry fruits, according to the label. From Germany, you can order it via Grano de Cafe, just like many other Colombian coffees.

D’Origenn Region Andina

This one is from Planadas in the state of Tolima, Finca La Estrella, from farmer Wilson Váquiro, growing at 2100 meters above sea level. The varieties given are similar as for the one from the Caribean region: “Colombia, caturra, typica”. The taste should be fruity, with red fruits and caramel.